Winner of the 2017 HBN Hynes Annual Scholarship for Masters students

The Selection Committee was unanimous in awarding the Canadian Rivers Institute’s 2017 HBN Hynes Annual Scholarship for Masters students to Ms. Kelli Charbonneau. Kelli is completing her research in Karen Kidd's lab based at McMaster University, and is co-supervised by Michelle Gray at UNB Fredericton. 

Upon annoucing the recipient, Committee Chair Dr. Alex Bielak, said: “Ms. Charbonneau's strong, confident cover letter, and thoughtful description of how her study linked to the legacy of Noel Hynes, and the policy implications and application of her work, made her the clear choice for this prestigious scholarship, named for Canada’s pre-eminent river scientist.”

Committee member Dr. Stella Swanson added: “Kelli’s collaborative, inter-disciplinary research, based at the University of New Brunswick, addresses the important issue of cumulative effects of forest harvesting practices in northern hardwood catchments of Ontario that will not only contribute to our scientific understanding of rivers, but also to forest management policy in Canada.”

The Committee also congratulated runner-up, Brittany Dixon for the clarity of her written application, detailing her work on the spatio-temporal distribution of juvenile American eel during their migratory approach to the Mactaquac Generating Station.

New Committee member, Jack Imhof, was impressed by many of the applications. “What I loved about Noel Hynes was his wide scope of interest in aquatic ecology, and interest in the linkages between the landscape both above and under the ground and the relationships between those more terrestrial processes and the river.  I well remember him saying the real science was to be found between the disciplinary silos, and it is wonderful to see young folk moving in this direction to engage scientists in many disciplines, and linking their science to policy outcomes.”

CRI Director Dr. Michael van den Huevel would like to thank the selection committee, composed of three CRI Management Board members, for making this very difficult decision.