CRI Recognitions

Each year the CRI conducts a process that provides the opportunity for Science Directors to give recognition to people that have demonstrated long-term unequivocal support of the Institutes’ purpose and aims.


CRI Honorary Member 2011

During CRI Day (July 8th, 2011), CRI Director Dr. Allen Curry recognized Dr. Alex Bielak  (Senior Research Fellow, United Nations University), as CRI's first Honorary Member for his contributions and dedicated CRI involvement as an originating member of the CRI Management Board (2001-2010).


CRI Honorary Member 2013

Dr. Allen Curry and Dr. Karen Kidd recognized Susan Farquharson (CRI Executive Director, 2010-2013), for her significant contributions to the Canadian Rivers Institute.

CRI Emeritus Fellow

Dr. Bob Newbury was appointed (in absentia) as CRI's first Emeritus Fellow.  Bob has been an active CRI Fellow since 2002, participating in the development and implementation of CRI professional training workshops across Canada.  He will continue to be active with his signature Stream Restoration workshop.

Dr. Allen Curry (CRI Director) traveled out to Penticton BC to attend the 2011 Stream Restoration: Design and Monitoring workshop in the Fall of 2011 and presented Dr. Newbury with his award in front of the workshop participants with one of Dr. Newbury's restoration projects and signature "Newbury riffle" pictured in the background (Okanagan River Restoration Initiative).

Dr. Rick Cunjak, A retired University of New Brunswick Professor (Retired - August 2018) and an esteemed past Fellow of the Institute has been recognized for his long-term distinguished contributions to the Institute in support of its purpose and aims. His peers have elected to name him CRI Emeritus Fellow.