Joseph Culp

Fellow, CRI

Dr. Culp's current research investigates the combined effects of nutrients, sediments and insecticides on taxonomic and trait composition of stream benthos through integrated field and mesocosm investigations. Recent investigations also examine the development of aquatic biodiversity monitoring programs for the circumpolar Arctic, and the impacts of permafrost degradation on stream community structure and function. He works collaboratively with researchers across Canada and Europe.

  • Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute

  • Research Professor, Department of Biology, University of New Brunswick

  • Senior Research Scientist & Section Head, Cumulative Effects & Bioassessment, Water Sciences & Technology Directorate, Environment Canada

  • Co-lead of the Arctic Council’s Freshwater Expert Monitoring Group of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program

  • BSc University of Oklahoma

  • PhD, MSc (University of Calgary)