Project Themes and Components

Whole River Ecosystem Studies is currently the largest MAES theme consisting of 19 separate projects. The individual studies focus on the physical and biological structure and function of the river (11 projects) and the reservoir environments (six projects). The theme goal is to establish the physical and biological baselines for the study area, and develop a range of new metrics suitable for studying and monitoring large, multi-use rivers. 

Fish Passage is a theme initially focused on the diadromous species of concern/at risk at Mactaquac Dam and key issues already identified.  The goal is to inform the decision regarding the dam’s replacement or removal, e.g., the economic-ecological trade-offs (six projects ).

Environmental Flows is a theme designed to provide the preliminary information required to link flow directly to ecological structure and function in the Saint John River and including the associated floodplain connectivity.  The goal is to model and predict future flows and management regimes for securing the river ecosystem’s goods and services (four projects).