2015 Annual HBN Hynes Lecturer: Dr. Julian Olden

The CRI is excited to host Dr. Julian Olden, from the University of Washington, as this year’s H.B.N. Hynes lecturer. 

Julian Olden is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington and spends his time studying invasive species, ecohydrology, biogeography, and food web ecology of freshwater ecosystems. Growing up on a sailboat on the waters of Lake Ontario, Julian conducted his undergraduate studies in the Department of Zoology at the University of Toronto. It was during this time that his passion for freshwater conservation was first sparked; specifically while hauling nets choked with squirming white suckers. Next, Julian received his Master’s Degree in Zoology at the University of Toronto, his doctorate in the Ecology Program at Colorado State University, and then was awarded a David H. Smith Conservation Post-doctoral Fellowship to work in the Center for Limnology at the University of Wisconsin. Nowadays, Julian and his students are working hard to save the world, squeezing one fish at a time.

He will be speaking at UNB Saint John and Fredericton on how river ecosystems are responding to global change processes, with a specific focus on adaptation to climate change, and in re-evaluating the role of invasive species in maintaining healthy freshwater ecosystems.

All are welcome.  These events are FREE.  For those of you unable to attend, the lectures will also be posted on the CRI website.

If you would like to attend "from away" via webinar, register for one or both using the webinar registration links here: Public Lecture (Oct 29, 7pm AST)Science Lecture (30 Oct 3pm AST).

To see the presentation abstracts, click here:

Science lectures: Racing against extinction: Will freshwater fishes keep pace with climate change?

11.30am, 29 October              3pm, 30 October
UNB Saint John                       UNB Fredericton
Room 125, Hazen Hall            Room 146, Bailey Hall

Public lecture: Invasive species: Staying the course or exonerating crimes to envision a new future?

7pm, 29 October
UNB Fredericton
Room 146, Bailey Hall