News from CRI Training

Some of you may know already but I was offered, accepted, and started a new position as an Assistant Prof in Forestry and Environmental Management at UNB.  This is exciting and a huge opportunity for me, so I will be bowing out of the day-to-day CRI Training.

While I will continue to oversee for the next few months the NSERC CREATE WATER program and the online training courses for CABIN, EEM and Water Quality.  Anne McGeachy has taken, for an interim period, the role of overseeing the other training products of CRI Training.

Anne is not unfamiliar with CRI, as she has been the Lab Manager for the Stable Isotopes in Nature Lab at UNB for many years!

We are working together to get her up to speed on all sorts of ins and outs of how things have run in the past at CRI Training. 

As I was essentially CRI Training on my own, please be patient with me and with her – there is lots of knowledge to translate.

All CRI Training communications continue to be accessible via

Assistant Professor • Faculty of Forestry & Environmental Management