15th Anniversary Special Student Leadership Council Scholarships

To celebrate CRI's 15th Anniversary, the Student Leadership Council is pleased to present three special student scholarships to be awarded to finalists of the Pecha Kucha presentation comeptition at CRI Days 2016!

Practice effective science communication delivery and participate in a peer review evaluation process through a fun, yet measured, presentation competition!

Registering and Submitting your Presentation:

  • Presenters must register for the Pecha Kucha competition for planning purposes by midnight on Monday September 19th, 2016.

  • A schedule of presentations will be released to all participants by Monday, September 26th, 2016.

  • All final presentations must be completed and submitted by email to cricourses@gmail.com by 5 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday September 28th, 2016.

Competition Details

  • All presentations must follow the timing and format of a Pecha Kucha (20 secs by 20 slides). To ensure you are within the correct time, the timing for your slide deck transitions must be automated to 20 seconds. Your presentation will be checked for the number of slides and the timing of your slide transitions prior to the competition. A buzzer will sound after 6 minutes and 40 seconds, letting you and the audience know that your presentation is over.

  • At the end of every presentation- not during the presentation- the audience, including all other presenters, will be given 2 minutes to evaluate, using an evaluation form developed from the rubric below.

  • A judging panel will be responsible for tallying the results of the audience evaluations on Friday during the student retreat. They will use the results to inform the selection of six finalists. Finalists will be announced Friday evening after dinner.

  • The finalists will present again on Saturday, immediately after lunch during the CRI Days conference. All conference attendees will complete the evaluation form for each of the six final presentations. Results will be tallied by the judging panel and the three 15th annual scholarships will be awarded at the end of the conference.

Presentation Instructions
The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the value of your research (or an aspect of your research) to the rest of the CRI community. Remember, this form of public speaking is very free, despite the concise structure imposed.  You are the story teller, and, in control of your audience’s experience. Because of the concise nature of the presentation, every detail (visual, auditory, intellectual) is critical to your audience. The rubric below will help you hone in on the key pieces of information you need to communicate as well as to create an objective evaluation framework. However, there is plenty of space for you to be creative in what story you tell, and how you tell it. 

Your presentation will have to cover the following points/questions in 6 minutes and 40 secs (20 seconds by 20 slides):

  • Introduce yourself and your scientific background (4 points)

  • What is the main question(s) you are working toward answering? (4 points)

  • Why is your research important to science and/or society (i.e. does it fill knowledge gaps in society or applied management, etc.)? (4 points)

  • How are you answering your research question (describe your field or lab/ study design/ tools & approaches)? (12 points)

  • Tell us about the outcomes of this research. Do you have results you can share? Have you faced challenges and if so, how have you overcome those challenges? (4 points)

  • What are the future applications or implications of your research? For example, how does your project fit within larger scale projects? (4 points)

A presentation that effectively answers these questions will make exceptional use of visual aids (images/slide design/words), precise scripting and word choice, a well thought-out organizational structure, and flawless delivery.

A few resources for effective Pecha Kucha presentations: