CRI led projects awarded funding for fisheries and biodiversity research and education projects

The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund recently announced their funding awards for 2016-2017.  Eight projects led by Canadian Rivers Instiute (CRI) Science Directors, students and staff have been awarded a total of $73,430 which will go toward research on fisheries and biodiversity and education related projects.  The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund is administed through the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and has been established to fund a range of programs for the enhancement of New Brunswick’s wildlife, fish and their habitats. The main source of revenue is from a conservation fee on hunters, anglers and fur harvesters licences.

The full list of CRI awarded projects:

Fisheries related research

Dr. Michelle Gray, UNB, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, Canadian Rivers Institute
Dispersion, Distribution, and Population Assessment of Slimy Sculpin in NB
Awarded $12,500

Antoin O’Sullivan, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Mapping River Temperature Change as a Result of Coldwater Refugia Augmentation in the Miramichi Watershed
Awarded $4,930

Kurt Samways, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Determining the Efficacy of Marine Reared Native Adult Atlantic Salmon Introductions:  Linking Telemetry with Behaviour and Experimental Biology
Awarded $12,000

Dr. Allen Curry, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Finding and Mapping Winter, Under-ice Habitats of Striped Bass in the Saint John River
Awarded $15,000

Dr. Tommi Linnansaari, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Developing Methods for Monitoring Abundance and Upstream Passage of Young American Eel at Migration Barriers
Awarded $6,000

Dr. Allen Curry, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Distribution, Abundance, and Spawning of Rainbow Trout in the Saint John River: Assessing the Potential Impacts for Atlantic Salmon and Brook Trout
Awarded $8,000

Biodiversity related research

Dr. Wendy Monk, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Environmental DNA as a Tool for Characterizing Benthic Macroinvertebrate Communities: A Powerful Detection Tool for Species at Risk
Awarded $11,000

Education related projects

Mark Gautreau, UNB, Canadian Rivers Institute
Field Guide to the Inland Fishes of New Brunswick
Awarded $4,000