Allen Curry

Fellow, CRI

Allen Curry has been the Director of the Canadian Rivers Institute since 2003 until 2013.  He holds the Cloverleaf/NBDNR Professorship in Recreational Fisheries and is Assistant Director of the NB Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit. His research interests and publications span a diversity of freshwater, estuary, and coral reef sciences including the ecology of fishes, food webs and ecosystems, and rivers and their landscapes.  Underlying his science is the philosophy that understanding physical and biological processes is critical, but societal issues may need answers from science today.

  • Science Director, CRI

  • Director, CRI (2003-2013)

  • Past Fellow, CRI (2001-2011)

  • Professor, Biology and Forestry and Environmental Management, University of New Brunswick

  • Cloverleaf/New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources Professor of Recreational Fisheries Research

  • Assistant Director, New Brunswick Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

  • PhD, Zoology, University of Guelph

  • MSc, Watershed Ecosystems, Trent University

  • HonsBES, Geography and Biology, University of Waterloo

    Curry Lab Video 

    Selected publications:

  • Monk, W.A., N. Wilbur, R.A. Curry, and R. Faux.  2013.  Using landscape-scale geospatial information to predict summer, cold water refugia in rivers.  J. Environ. Mgt. 118:170-176.

  • Curry, C., D.J. Baird and R.A. Curry.  The contribution of riffles and riverine wetlands to benthic macroinvertebrate biodiversity.  Biodiversity and Conservation 2012:1-19.

  • Monk, W.A., D.L. Peters, R.A. Curry, and D.J. Baird.  2011.  Quantifying trends in indicator hydroecological variables for regime-based groups of Canadian rivers. Hydrol. Proc. doi: 10.1002/hyp.8137.Curry, R.A., L. Bernatchez, F. Whoriskey, and C. Audet.  2010.  Evolution of facultative anadromy in brook charr.  Rev. Fish Biology and Fish. 20:557-570.

  • Curry, R.A.  2007.  Late glacial impacts on dispersal and colonization of Atlantic Canada and Maine by freshwater fishes.  Quaternary Research.  67:225-233.

  • Curry, R.A. and K.R. Munkittrick.  2005.  Fish community responses to multiple stressors along the Saint John River, New Brunswick, Canada.  American Fisheries Society Symposium 45: 505-521.