Leif Burge


Dr. Burge's experience is in hydraulic modelling, sediment management, sediment transport, river patterns, fluvial habitat, river stability, and river restoration. He has worked on river systems throughout Canada, from New Brunswick to British Columbia.  Specific projects include supporting river restoration projects in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia through hydraulic modelling and analyzing the sediment dynamics of these systems.  Completed projects include the investigation of the effects of urbanization on stream channel erosion in the Greater Toronto Area, the frequency of bedforms in headwater step-pool systems using wavelet analysis, the causes and characteristics of anabranching rivers within the Miramichi region of New Brunswick and the sedimentology of confined sand bedded meandering rivers. 

  • Dr. Burge is a professor at Okanagan College and a senior scientist in fluvial geomorphology at Stantec

  • He completed his PhD in Physical Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology) at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec in 2003

  • MSc in Physical Geography (Fluvial Geomorphology) at University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta in 1997

  • BSc, Physical Geography at University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia in 1995.