Karen Kidd

Fellow, CRI

Dr. Karen Kidd’s group studies why some fish and other aquatic life are more contaminated than others in tropical through temperate regions, and the effects of human activities on aquatic ecosystem health.  Field studies, including whole ecosystem manipulations, assess how agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, and industrial and municipal effluents affect the health of aquatic organisms, and how stream and lake food webs are structured.  She also works on more remote systems from Atlantic Canada to the Canadian Arctic that are contaminated by long-range atmospheric transport and deposition of mercury, pesticides and industrial chemicals.  Together these studies provide a better understanding of downstream impacts of human development and the risks that contaminants pose to aquatic life and fish-eating wildlife and humans. 

  • Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute

  • Canada Research Chair in Chemical Contamination of Food Webs

  • Jarislowsky Chair in Environment and Health & Professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences at McMaster University

  • BSc (University of Guelph)

  • PhD (University of Alberta)

WEBSITE | EMAIL | PUBLICATIONS | 1-905-525-9140 ext 23550