Mark R. Servos

Fellow, CRI

Dr. Mark R. Servos joined the University of Waterloo as a Professor of Biology in 2003 and served as Scientific Director of the Canadian Water Network until 2011.  Dr. Servos received a BSc in Fishery Biology (1981) and MSc in Aquatic Science (1983) from the University of Guelph and his PhD (1988) with the Department of Soil Science, University of Manitoba.   In 1988, Dr. Servos started as a Research Scientist with the Lakes Research Branch of Environment Canada then joined the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences where he researched environmental fate and effects of contaminants in the Great Lakes. He joined the National Water Research Institute, Environment Canada, in 1996, as Project Chief, and led a group of scientists studying exposure and effects of priority substances. He has helped to organize numerous international meetings/workshops, participated in several expert panels in this field and plays an active role in several major international societies.  He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on the treatment, exposure, fate and effects of organic contaminants in the environment.

  • Science Director, Canadian Rivers Institute

  • Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Protection, Canadian Water Network

  • Professor, Dept. of Biology, University of Waterloo

  • Bsc, Msc (Guelph)

  • PhD (Manitoba)

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